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Merlin, The Waters of Mer
I am a teenage mermaid in the city of Merlin in the ocean of Mer. I was born under the sign of the seal, shown by my last name, Sealdotter. My hair is flame red, and my skin the color of milk chocolate. My eyes are a bright, lively purple. I am servant to the merrish princess, Melisande. My best friends are Eladea and Edessa, her ladies in waiting. This is my diary. These are our adventures.


Second day of Shark, Month of Blood

I miss Jas horribly, and I can't help wondering if he hates me now.. How he will receive me in two weeks. With hate, or with joy. I am praying to the Sea Goddess of Love, Belen that he receives me with joy. And a  fish tail!

First Day of Coral, Month of Crustaceans

We arrived in Ceder early yesterday morning. Mel covered for me as I made a speedy exit alone towards Jas's port. When I reached it, he was awaiting me. "My ship is leaving this evening," he said, "So can I stay with you and your family?" He seemed so desperate to escape the ship. I asked him if we could go swimming, instead of answering the question. He told me he had no swimsuit., so we went wading, although he seemed stressed. I told him to remove his ring, and he would never go back to the ship again. To my infinite surprise he refused. I said, "Watch me, and believe what you see. Then take off your ring, for it does what mine does." I waded out a bit farther, then slipped off my ring, and returned to being mer. My purple tail is strong, and it held me up from the seabed.
 His eyes bulged. He stared at his ring, then the one already on its seaweed-coral chain around my neck. Slowly, ever slowly, he slid off the ring. He dropped into the sea, his tail a shimmering blue. He could not use it like I used mine. He stared at the beautiful tail emerging from his body, then jammed his ring back on, and sprinted away. I looked at the destination
chart in port before I left. Good. His next port coincided with my next town. I will see him again, whatever HE thinks!

Again, forgotten Day, Month of Crustaceans

We are on the road to Ceder, a relatively warm city, closest in temperature to Mer.  On Monday we arrive, and the day after I see Jas again. Life on the road is easier, we have few classes, and we four girls can swim free amongst the seaweed and coral, and we can play.


Fourth Day of Sea Lion, Second month of Mammals

Goodness! If only Jas's boat had not sailed today! It is horribly boring, all state affairs and classes and more teas with the royal servetes of the city. I may not write for a while, it is so  boring! It was more fun a a servant instead of a royal servete. We could swim and play, with no thought to royal decorum! None of my old friends are here in this class.
 I am sick and tired of the city circles already. Oh, how I long for a new port, and Jas. Mostly Jas. He was fun to talk to, and a real friend. Next port, we will be able to talk longer, for I shall get him into the water, and off with the ring. Perhaps he will stay forever!


Third day of Sea Lion, Second Month of Mammals

Oh, my goodness! I met the boy today! His name is Jasper. His ring is like ours! Dea went exploring the town while I chatted with him. He was so amazed to see me. I haven't told him about my mer blood, though.  He told me he was connected to the 'blogospere', like I am, though he knows not of this, either. He told me it was here. Really all we talked of was him, and little of me. He is amazingly handsome, with curly dark hair, and olive-y skin. His eyes are a dark blue, bordering on black. His mother died when he was born. She left him the ring and told his father to make sure he always wore it. His father is a twerp. He called Jas away before I had to leave. We have a plan to meet at his next port, which is also amazingly close to a Mer City.


Second Day of Sea Lion, Second Month of Mammals

Dea and I are going to swim to the port tomorrow. It only takes us half a morning, so we will return tomorrow, too. Mel will cover for us.


First Day of Sea Lion, Second Month of Mammals

Sorry about the pause. We have arrived in Frezzere. Today I saw a boat- And on it was the boy with the Ring! It was sailing toward a small port. I am devising a way to meet him in the port!
All is well in Frezzere, and the suromer has behaved well. More tomorrow!

Suromer- a surrogate ruler for mer cities


Still unknown date, Second Month of Mammals

Here, FINALLY is the diagram of the city circles. The spell is up and running once again!! Woo-HOO!
We arrive in Frezzere tomorrow- I will have mor news then.


Forgotten Day, Second Month of Mammals

We're on the road, and the spell on this book is having trouble, and I cannot remember the date since we will not have a calendar until next monday in frezzere. I will post the city circles soon. As soon as I can get Mel to fix this stupid spell!


Fifth Day of Humback Whale, Second Month of Mammals

It sucks to be back in school. I actually have to get up before lunch, and the teachers treat me as a servant. Well, yeah, I technically am one, but I am going to school with the Princess! Hey! Dude! If I'm doing that, I gotta be something SPECIAL! They were not even calling on me until Mel ordered them to. Gos they are a pain in the fins!

On a non-ranty type note, I am nearing completion of my first fin sock.THe thin membranes of our tailfins cannot stand too much cold water, so in preparation for our journey to Frezzere, I am knitting as much warming seaweedsilk clothes as I can. Maybe I will show you a picture of me in a ss cardi!


Second Day of HumpbackWhale, Second Month of Mammals

I am not looking forward to returning to school. This past week was Water Warming Season Break. I like sleeping late. Now I must wake early and go to school with the Princess and her ladies. Yep, they are my friends, but they get treated according to rank in the classes. The only reason I am not in regular servante school is because Mel has promoted me up to semi-lady in waiting. Basically the same duties, but 'too good' to go to regular school. It will be even more hectic since we are preparing to go on the annual round of cities. For more information on that, look in the corresponding entry in the very important mer lore area.


First Day of HumpbackWhale, Second Month of Mammals

I spent my day drawing more pictures. Isn't Mel MUCH more pretty? Dea Coraldotter (on the left, 13) and Dessa Pikedotter (Right, 11) are hi-fiving after rescuing us.


Seventh Day of Dolphin, Second Month of Mammals

Not much has happened today. Mum feels better, and I spent the day drawing a picture of me. Mel said it would become less sketchy and more... sharp.


Sixth Day of Dolphin, Second Month of Mammals

I spent the day swimming. I am dead tired. Nobody except my friends knew I was gone, so that is good. Good night!! (fading yawns)


Fifth Day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

Today I glimpsed an especially handsome boy wearing a ring similar to mine. He was obviously a dock hand, and he was swallowed by the crowd before I could catch him. I spent the rest of the day hunting for him, but was stumped. I would spend tomorrow looking for him, but I must return to Mer tomorrow. Soon I must return!


Fourth Day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

Walker country is overwhelming! I bought some walker food and ate it. I explored too. WOW! It was amazing! I just can't describe it. After I ate, I returned to the water to nap and write.


Third day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

This morning I told my mother I would be serving the Princess Melisande for four days straight, as we four were having a grand party. Seeing as she was ill and the lie could not be discovered, I have four days on the land. I gathered up my Walker papers that I had preserved from our last adventure, and made safe in protective Walker plas-tix. There were some that said 100 on them. I assumed they were very expensive. I would try to save them for further outings. After swimming most of the day, I arrived at the walker dock. I decided to rest a night, and relate to you my 'adventure.'


Second Day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

I have finished the chain. Tomorrow I shall go alone to the nearest Walker land of New York. It will be fun! The queen was talking to us today, and she said that there were more changing rings than just the two we have. She said there were eight of them. Read the entry in 'Very Important Mer Lore' about the Changing rings here.


First Day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

I am working on a chain that looks like the one Dea wears around her neck with the ring on it. When I am done, she can wear the chain, and the Queen will think she still has the ring. Not much really happened today. I have been in a bit of a grouch. Maybe I should go float.


Seventh Day of Seal, First month of Mammals

Dess and Dea have been semi-adopted by the queen. Not princess status, but they live in the palace now. Their parents have been demoted to merpeasant.
Dea wants me to use her ring for a fun outing to the land, but the queen will not let her do it. The only reason the rings are not in the vaults was that the queen cannot take the rings unles Dea and Dessa want her to. Of course, they don't But, the queen can keep them from giving it to me. Darn. She is with them too much! When we are alone, if Dea tries to give it to me, it would be very obvious and we'd all get in trouble. We HAVE to find a way to have more Walker adventures.

My Thirteenth Birthday, Seventh Day of Seal, First Month of Mammals

It's my Birthday! I must give you a shortened version of the story, so I can get on with what is happening now!

So after I told my friends, we set up an amateur singing club of our own, with a cool little rock we found to sing on. On our first try, when a ship was near, the men threw a net over Mel and I. We were dumped in a tank with a scissor fish. Eventually we managed to get the captain to remove the scissor fish. Mermaids hate getting their hair cut!

Meanwhile, Edessa and Eladea were kicked out of their house. They removed their only treasures from Dea's jewelry box and left. Once outside, they Dea slipped her ring on. She turned into a Walker! She choked on the water and yanked off the ring, returning instantly to Mermaid form.

They formulated a plan, to go and follow the boat and rescue us in human form.
We were shown in a circus, and they went through with their plan. I would go into more detail, but so much has happened today, I need my hand. My mother and the queen were mad. We returned from that adventure day before yesterday.


Sixth day of the Seal, First Month of Mammals, Sixteenth Year of King Izabai

My great friend and mistress has given me a diary! She cast a spell on it so that it would be posted to your Internet. (Whatever that means) She asked me to chronicle our adventures for the world to see, to prove Mer do exist! So, I should tell of our first adventure, technically, but I will do it in installments, so my hand does not grow sore and aching.

And so the tale begins, deep in the bowels of the palace...
I was looking for two of my best friends, Eladea and Edessa in the lower rooms of the castle of Mer. As I swam, the light in the corridor reflected off of the bronze colored scales on my tail, making it glimmer and shine as I heaved a sigh. I never could find Eladea when I wanted her! Even though I was a servant, and she and her little sister were Ladylets, (princess’s ladies-in-waiting) we were still good friends, and friends with Melisande, the princess, too.
Then the electronic bell pinned to my lacy tank rang. Oh good. That meant Melisande wanted her maid - me. Now I could tell them all what I had seen.
Once I reached Mel's chambers,I began.
"When I was taking out one of the trash buckets in the palace, I saw six of the queen's ladies-in-waiting swimming toward a outcropping of rock above the city, on the surface of the ocean. Quickly, I finished my job, and followed the merwomen up to the rock.
"As I watched from under the water so they wouldn’t see that I was spying, they wriggled up onto the outcropping. I saw a ship sailing close. The pretty ladies began to sing. They had slightly bad voices as mermaids go, but compared to humans, it was beautiful. The men on the ship began to steer toward the merladies, shouting catcalls and wolf-whistling.
"Once the ship was near, one of the ladies slid back into the water, and she almost glimpsed me, but I moved. The ship drew ever closer to the rocks, and two more women joined the first in the water. I saw nets flung out, barely missing the rocks where the three remaining mermaids waited, baiting the men with their songs and beauty. Now the mermaids all were in the water. The six women swam as quickly as they could back to King Izabai’s castle."

To be continued, for my pen is out of ink and my hand has cramped completely.....