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Merlin, The Waters of Mer
I am a teenage mermaid in the city of Merlin in the ocean of Mer. I was born under the sign of the seal, shown by my last name, Sealdotter. My hair is flame red, and my skin the color of milk chocolate. My eyes are a bright, lively purple. I am servant to the merrish princess, Melisande. My best friends are Eladea and Edessa, her ladies in waiting. This is my diary. These are our adventures.


Fifth Day of Humback Whale, Second Month of Mammals

It sucks to be back in school. I actually have to get up before lunch, and the teachers treat me as a servant. Well, yeah, I technically am one, but I am going to school with the Princess! Hey! Dude! If I'm doing that, I gotta be something SPECIAL! They were not even calling on me until Mel ordered them to. Gos they are a pain in the fins!

On a non-ranty type note, I am nearing completion of my first fin sock.THe thin membranes of our tailfins cannot stand too much cold water, so in preparation for our journey to Frezzere, I am knitting as much warming seaweedsilk clothes as I can. Maybe I will show you a picture of me in a ss cardi!

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