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Merlin, The Waters of Mer
I am a teenage mermaid in the city of Merlin in the ocean of Mer. I was born under the sign of the seal, shown by my last name, Sealdotter. My hair is flame red, and my skin the color of milk chocolate. My eyes are a bright, lively purple. I am servant to the merrish princess, Melisande. My best friends are Eladea and Edessa, her ladies in waiting. This is my diary. These are our adventures.


My Thirteenth Birthday, Seventh Day of Seal, First Month of Mammals

It's my Birthday! I must give you a shortened version of the story, so I can get on with what is happening now!

So after I told my friends, we set up an amateur singing club of our own, with a cool little rock we found to sing on. On our first try, when a ship was near, the men threw a net over Mel and I. We were dumped in a tank with a scissor fish. Eventually we managed to get the captain to remove the scissor fish. Mermaids hate getting their hair cut!

Meanwhile, Edessa and Eladea were kicked out of their house. They removed their only treasures from Dea's jewelry box and left. Once outside, they Dea slipped her ring on. She turned into a Walker! She choked on the water and yanked off the ring, returning instantly to Mermaid form.

They formulated a plan, to go and follow the boat and rescue us in human form.
We were shown in a circus, and they went through with their plan. I would go into more detail, but so much has happened today, I need my hand. My mother and the queen were mad. We returned from that adventure day before yesterday.

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