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Merlin, The Waters of Mer
I am a teenage mermaid in the city of Merlin in the ocean of Mer. I was born under the sign of the seal, shown by my last name, Sealdotter. My hair is flame red, and my skin the color of milk chocolate. My eyes are a bright, lively purple. I am servant to the merrish princess, Melisande. My best friends are Eladea and Edessa, her ladies in waiting. This is my diary. These are our adventures.


First Day of Dolphin, First Month of Mammals

I am working on a chain that looks like the one Dea wears around her neck with the ring on it. When I am done, she can wear the chain, and the Queen will think she still has the ring. Not much really happened today. I have been in a bit of a grouch. Maybe I should go float.

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